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"Hi Tabitha, I would like to thank you so much for helping my friend,  *** and her daughter, ***. I would also like to tell you that you are often spoken about by both my daughter, Andrea  and myself. You will never be forgotten by us. You saved Andrea’s life and she still uses the skills you taught her to cope even now, when she has the odd ‘Bad day’. As a mother of an anorexic, I will never be able to thank you enough for what you did for Andrea. Without you we would not have our precious daughter today. As a result, we have been blessed with a lovely granddaughter, Olivia and in 3 weeks’ time, a baby boy is due. Andrea is very special to our doctor (he is the only one she will allow to deliver her babies). Because he walked the path with her and understands her, and he has said many times Andrea’s babies are miracles.

To change the subject, with my insulin resistance, I was cajoled into starting the Banting diet with others at school. This was with disastrous results. My blood sugar ranges between 5 and 6.2 but is usually around 5. I followed the diet for 2 weeks and when my blood sugar shot up to 9.2 (highest ever) I got such a fright and went back onto the Insulin Resistant Diet given to me by a dietician who lives here near me. I wish you were closer!!!!!! I just felt I needed to say thanks – always thinking of you. You are a gift from heaven.

WA, Johannesburg, Now Ballito.


“During December 2010, my son in law and I took on a bet as to how much weight we could lose by my visit in June 2011, and Julie wrote it on a pizza box of which he were consuming at the time. Both targeted around the 20kg mark. Over the past 4 months, with the help of Tabitha, I managed to drop just under 20kg.”

Anonymous, Johannesburg.


“Tabitha helped me lose 30Kg's and gave me the necessary nutritional insight that allows me to lose weight when I feel I need to.  I live a busy and hectic schedule and I can go months not eating correctly but when I need to get back on track I apply Tabitha's diet and within months I am back on track.

I originally weighed 123Kg and was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.  I heard Tabitha on the radio talking to John Robbie and I said I have to try this.  Needless to say, from the minute I walked in her practice my life changed forever.  Tabitha empowered me to be aware of what when and how I should eat.  Within 5 months I had lost 20Kg and had never felt better in my life.  My next check-up 6 with my GP 6 months after visiting Tabitha my mmol /L had dropped from 19 to below 8 two hours after eating.  The diet cured me and to this day I still test my blood sugars.  If I find myself off track I get back to the diet and within a couple of months I back on track.  Thank you Tabitha!! Just, thank you.”

Mark Lucas.



“Thank you so, so much for everything. I cannot tell you how much I needed to meet you. I am achieving more insight and understanding about the connection between food and feeling loved and cared for than I have achieved in years and years of psychotherapy. I have spent 22 years feeling as if I don’t deserve food and therefore abusing my body and it will take a bit of time for my system to adjust and trust that I am not suddenly going to deprive it of energy producing foods. I am loving eating this way. The thing I am most grateful for is that you have most likely saved my daughter from an eating disorder because that’s where my attitude towards her and food was leading to. Before I came to see you I used to not want to be around her because she reminded me of the parts in myself at her age that I detested. Feeling so desperately needy, being obsessive about food and carrying a lot of fat around my waist and chest. I remember as a very little girl that I felt my dad disapproved whenever I ate anything. I felt big and clumsy and in his eyes being fat was considered a lack of self control and just plain “gross”.  I’ve realized that I have had that same withholding attitude with my daughter. This process has helped me to love her little body and she has lost that extreme possessiveness about food. Our relationship is a million times better”.

DL, Hyde Park, Johannesburg.



“I’ve lived this life style for over 6 years – lost 20kgs initially and have kept it off - all thanks to your X Diet”

RE, Mowbray, Cape Town.



“I have emailed you previously but again would like to take this opportunity to  thank you for changing my life. I have become a fat sleuth. After reading “The X Diet” last year I lost 16 kg and I have maintained my weight for 3 months! JS, Claremont, Cape Town.

My mom and I recently tried your 7-day metabolism boosting diet from Shape magazine and we both lost about 3kg's in a week.  Loved the eating plan because we both train very hard and need something that can equally give us energy.”

LP, Johannesburg.



“After reading and applying the principles of The X Diet, I can honestly say that yours is the first “diet” on which I have not felt deprived, hungry, anti social, and uncomfortable or guilty when ordering at a restaurant.  My body actually feels normal again, and my energy levels and brain function also feel like they did many years ago.  Previous diets put one in a “fog” that seems plastic, somehow!”

CT, Sandton, Johannesburg



“Today I came across your email and smiled. I should have written to you years ago to thank you for changing my diet and my life (and those around me) Your diet works! I have lost 15 kg’s on low GI diet and kept it off for years even though I munch on sweets and fruit right through the day. I have not touched fat (except omega 3s) since 2007 and I drink wine every day, I am the queen of fat free cup cakes and I am the envy of so many who REFUSE to believe that sugar cannot turn into fat. I have heard so many tales about how the sugar and carbs I consume will make me fat, that it would make you cry. Anyhow, this is just to thank you once again. I love my life! RN, Kimberly.

My husband heard a radio talk on the launch of your first book. He felt it was just what I needed as I had been virtually starving for years (calorie-reducing style). I definitely had a bad relationship with food, it was the enemy. I suffered with depression and was finding it increasingly difficult to keep my hands off food and was starting to find it difficult to remain thin. My husband is very health conscious and the radio talk made so much sense to him.

The book was amazing. I am a sceptical person who has had my fair share of "latest crazes", but this was the information I had been waiting to hear all my dieting life. Everything fell into place: my tiredness, lack of muscle tone and depression was all explained. I read the book in one sitting. The evidence presented was overwhelming to me, and I embarked on the diet straight away. My life changed, not only because I am thinner and shapelier that I have ever been, but because my depression has disappeared, along with my tiredness and obsession with food - I cannot tell you how grateful I am, and it angers me beyond words to read of ignorant people suggesting that carbs are fattening! Are they just going to brush under the carpet people like me who have been rescued from a living death by diet??”




“This is the best eating plan in the world, I can't imagine eating any other way now! I am always full and happy, I satisfy all my cravings and love life again. God bless you Tabitha for what you've given us!”

LN, Durban.



“You changed my life for good!!!! 🙂

Today I want to.thank you for the time that you took.with me. almost a year ago, session after session and alot of tears.. but today I can tell you I did it with the God Almighty.. Ive won the battle with anorexia... Ive made the biggest decision of my life and move to another country to.make that brand new fresh start....New friends, ;New job and someone special came into my life a few months ago....Annie (anorexia) isnt part of me anymore....Ive started with 42kg and I made.my goal.. Im 49Kg...!!!!!:) you Saved me....

From the bottom of my heart i want to thank you and give you a big big hug !!!

PS... if a can help or do my part to change a life please please inform me.”

CVZ, Hatfield, Pretoria.



“I would also like to tell you that you are often spoken about by both my daughter and myself. You will never be forgotten by us. You saved her life and she still uses the skills you taught her to cope even now when she has the odd “Bad day”. As a mother of an anorexic I will never be able to thank you enough for what you did for Andrea. Without you we would not have our precious daughter today. As a result we have been blessed with a lovely granddaughter and in three weeks time a baby boy is due.  My daughter is very special to our doctor (he is the only one she will allow to deliver her babies ) because he walked the path her and understands her , and he has said many times that her babies are miracles. I just felt I needed to say thanks – always thinking of you. You are a gift from Heaven.”

WA Bryanston, Johannesburg.



“I've been following the x-diet for some months now and I must say I feel

better as ever.  I am a recovering anorexic and loved your book

(already read it 5 times and everytime find something

new).  Unfortunately I panicked and completely went back to my old "not

eating" ways. But for about a month now I tried again.  Running alot, but with the rule, if

you want to run, you must eat and I promise you, I do.  Loads of ‘polish’

foods and also bran flakes and Low GI brown bread and proper pasta

 I never weigh myself, and my clothes fit exactly the same, although I eat 5 times more than before.  This is heaven on earth not to be constantly hungry and tired. I just want to thank you - you're book has made a huge difference in my life.”

MH, Bloemfontein, Free State.



“I was very uncomfortable all the time, bloated and had put on weight. Thabitha diagnoised that despite me not being excessively over weight, that I had become insulin resistant. I also had developed IBS. Her recommendations in eating habits and receipies to follow have been life changing. I am no longer constantly bloated and uncomfortable and have started losing some weight. I am feeling like a different person.”

Female patient, Sandton.



“Having been on a weight-loss journey, back and forth, for many years, it was refreshing to find  a dietician who really listened to my needs. Tabitha was always encouraging and always came up with wonderful, innovative ideas for meals. It was good to feel that I wasn't only on an eating plan but that Tabitha was always concerned about my health in general.”

Mary Behan



“The aspect I valued most was her enthusiasm for enjoying food, and her passion for helping her patients.”

Female patient, Sandton



“Tabitha has great knowledge & is extremely pleasant to deal with.”

Male patient, Johannesburg


“Tabitha is a warm, friendly,(very funny) & accomplished dietitian. I got the achieved results & have been following her wise advice for over 10 years now! She has given me a diet tailor made for me & the results speak for themselves. Tabitha is actually a bit of a superhero to me. I was initially introduced to her via her books but was amazed to find that the author behind the books is as rich & vibrant in person. She is warm, well-articulated & highly knowledgeable in her area of expertise. Her eating plans are tailor made to you as an individual & they are both delicious & easy to follow. After ten years of looking fabulous, I still cannot recommend her enough! Best investment in myself that I have ever made, thank you Tabitha!”

Female patient, V.B. (Sandton)



“I think Tabitha is brilliant but  is there no way to partner up with medical aids to increase paid dietitian benefits than currently offered? Good nutrition surely increases healthy longevity & staves off diseases which is cheaper than medical treatment!”

Female Patient, (Sandton).



“Tabitha’s breakdown of information and understanding of the issue is most valuable.”

Male patient, M.J.W. (U.K.)



“I first came to find myself in Tabitha's consulting rooms feeling very nervous. I have been to many dieticians in my life having suffered from Anorexia Nervosa at 17. I sought treatment and although i started eating again i was still showing the signs of disordered eating. Tabitha has a warm, understanding nature and put me at ease immediately. She listened to my concerns and taught me a wealth of knowledge in easily understandable ways. With her help i have been able to change my eating habits and overcome many fears. Best of all i feel like a new person, filled with energy. My mood has improved and I'm sleeping better and without medication. Most beneficial was learning about how the body works, reading food labels and ultimately overcoming my fear of carbohydrates! Thank-you Tabitha”

Female patient, (Krugersdorp).


“I most valued the positive energy in encouraging and empowering my daughter to make the right choices, whilst maintaining self esteem.”

Mother of female patient, (Dainfern).



“I have learned that I need to eat more rather than less and that good eating requires work and planning. I most appreciated the evidence based science to your treatment and multidisciplinary input, referring me to other specialists.”

Female patient, (Craighall Park).



“I had tried all sorts of "diets" in the past and wondered why I gained all the weight back. I got to a point where I was terrified of food. I was unhappy with how I looked and felt. A friend was seeing Tabitha and recommended that I see her. Since seeing Tabitha I have learned that food isn't the " Big baddy" I have learnt that you can enjoy healthy food and still lose weight. This has also encouraged me to become more active and exercise. I have learnt to love myself again. I have learnt to love food again without the fear and guilt. I have regained my self confidence.”

Female Patient, L.M.  (Northriding).



“The fundamental thing I learnt with Tabitha is how to know if you are eating healthy. There is so much advertising out there that most times is smoke and mirrors for food loaded with sugar. I did not know that until sitting down with Tabitha. No fad diets just holistic eating. Learning how to read food labels and understanding nutrition.”

Female patient, (Broadacres, Fourways).



“I enjoyed Tabitha's understanding, her trustworthy advice and her kindness. I feel that everyone should be educated by a dietician such as Tabitha especially that there are so many myths about food out there. “

Female patient (Bryanston)



“Tabitha is very understanding and I really appreciate how she makes you feel so welcome and that no question is silly 🙂 She is so helpful and understanding and results were achieved!”

Female patient (Sandton)



“Tabitha is so professional and gives you the right advice, in my husbands situation to lose those unwanted kilos, and to keep it off. Since following her wait loss program he lost the unwanted kilos and has not put on any extra kilos since we follow her program for healthy eating.  She is also very sincere and helpful.”

Cobie LeGrange (Broadacres).




“I used to think that one had to restrict all sorts of foods, in order to loose weight, or maintain a current weight. I instinctively knew that my body needed carbs but I felt totally confused and trapped by the notion that carbs are bad for us. Tabitha taught me that sugar and the right low GI carbs are NOT bad for me and I no longer fear them, as long as I eat very low fat. I feel empowered to make smart and healthy choices with food because I now have a good knowledge of what happens with certain foods in my body, and especially how various carbs (and specifically their GI) affect insulin levels and thus fat storage. I also made sure that I understood the technical aspects very well. So I feel a certain sense of freedom when I food shop and plan meals, which used to feel quite traumatic, as I did not know what the "healthy" choices should be. There are so many confusing messages out there! I used to go to Tabitha with many questions so that I understood everything. I now feel like I can advise and teach my daughter how to make healthy choices with food and enjoy it! When I comes down to it, it is a pretty simple eating plan as long as one reads fat content labels and understands which carbs (hi, medium, low GI) can be eaten under which circumstances. Tabitha's eating plan includes foods that I really enjoy. She did not make me feel like I was on a restrictive "diet". Her approach to food is to help you enjoy eating and celebrate it. I find her eating plan pretty simple to follow and makes planning meals quite simple.”

Natalie Rule (Rivonia)



“Tabitha destroyed certain myths I had about food and motivated me into wanting to feel better in controlling my Insulin levels.”

Male patient (Bryanston)



“With Tabitha, it never feels that you are on "diet". Learning to make good food choices and changing the way you think about food was an eye opener. You don't feel restricted at all and don't miss all the bad foods. Her easy way of communicating and getting the information across is what I enjoyed the most. Tabitha makes you feel good and supports you in any improvement you have been able to make. You always want to try and do better.

I was very happy with the experience and treatment received. Everything Tabitha says makes sense and she explains it in such an uncomplicated way that you can understand.”

Male patient (Secunda)



“For me, overall, it is the best thing i could have done. Never really beleived in the concept of a dietician- now I am a true beleiver and have new informed understanding that is working for me all round. I know the rules which has resulted in me adjusting my eating habits accordingly. Your advice works- which has meant i have lost a few kilos plus feel better.”

Michael Vogt (Kyalami)



“Tabitha’s consultation was a very professional experience. Feed back and wonderful receipes were most beneficial.”

John Weigelt (Grant Park)



“I was definitely inspired and now I buy wise.I would recommend anybody that is struggling with diets and food disorders to consult with her.She is the best.Her remedies are friendlier and easily accessible and no extra cost but less fat. She gave me a plan on how to have a shopping list before going to the shops and to buy wise. Enjoy the food I like but buy smart e.g less fat and calories. Read the instructions on the packet.”

Marjorie Khumalo (Southgate)



“It was great to see that you could eat all the food groups and not exclude any. It was good to gain knowledge about reading labels on food.”

Female patient (Bryanston)



“Tabitha’s consultations hit 5/5! I really benefitted from her knowledge.”

Marina Greenhalgh (Fairland)



“Food is often associated with one's emotions. It is therefore important to love and accept oneself to develop a healthier relationship with food. We benefitted the most from the information provided to my daughter and myself. Debunking food myths.”

Mother of Female patient (Johannesburg)



“It’s unfortunate that its mostly only when people get older that they realise how important it is to eat healthy (I am one of those). Good eating habits should start at a young age. Due to our hectic lifestyles it’s not always easy and we tend to find the fast way out when it comes to eating. Healthy eating does cost extra and very importantly you need to plan before just buying. My motivation for eating as healthy as possible is that the better you eat the better you feel. You only feel good as the food you eat. Fuel your body the correct way and you will achieve more in your day. TABITHA TOUCHES BASE ON A PERSONAL LEVEL AND I FELT THE INFORMATION GIVEN WAS HELPFUL.”

Bernadette Phillipps (Johannesburg)



“I really feel that Tabitha has gone above and beyond to assist me. I most enjoyed her friendly nature, how easily approachable she is and how much she goes out of her way to help.”

Leani Troost (Broadacres)



“Healthy eating helped control my sugar and lose weight. I was treated with great respect and I appreciated her professionalism.”

Female patient (Newlands)



“I am a marathon runner but had overlook my dietary needs. She helped me breakdown the need for a better diet and frequent balanced meals. She showed me the importance of diet and calories.”

Male patient: T.S. (Gaborone)



“Thank you Tabitha, for helping me to get my life back.”




“We live in a  country where 90% of our people do not have the luxury of good nutritious meals. Often these people opt for cheap foods leading to health problems. Nutritional / healthy foods need to become cheaper and accessible to all. Tabitha gave very practical advice.”

Female patient, Sandton.



“I most enjoyed her straightforward, easy to follow, sensible approach as to what I should be doing food wise.

I have bought both books and  bought to give to friends. Now I am in the sad situation of having lent the books out , not returned and am sincerely hoping someone is really USING  them. But I do recall. what  I was told when I saw her and can  still follow the advantageous Diet she recommended . Thank you. I do know however that going to health farms did not do  it for me and only landed up with terrible headaches being told this is part of detox! Not necessary to suffer and would not be Tabitha's way of handling it. I really admire you and your work. Thank  you. “     

Kristin Hammond



“Over many years I had slipped into bad eating habits that caused me to have blood sugar level issues & carry excess weight - both of which would inevitably lead me to suffer from type 2 diabetes. Tabitha correctly diagnosed my issues, provided good advice and suggested a revised eating plan and lifestyle that would lead to a reverse of the blood sugar problems, reduced weight and assist me with a permanent eating plan to sustain the improvements. “ Carl Fischer



“Without knowing and clearly understanding how to eat healthily AND happily, one has little hope of sorting out any problems one may have.Having Tabitha's clear and logical explanations from her consultations and from her books has given me not only an easy blueprint for a healthy lifestyle, but I feel trim and full of energy. “  

Female Patient, Bryanston.



“Tabitha is incredibly knowledgeable and made the menu's so simple yet delicious. Her philosophy around food is so positive.

My 9 year old son has always struggled with his weight but more importantly with his relationship with food. We have always limited his portions and I guess restricted his intake, leading to him feeling like food is not readily available so I need to stockpile while I can. Tabitha showed me how to associate healthy food with love, with generous portions of the right food - and this has completely changed the way our family sees food. We eat healthy food in abundance and the experience is so positive! He can help himself to as much as he wants now, because it is the right type of food. Interestingly, he never takes more than he can eat as he knows there will always be enough! “ Jodi Bailey



“Great advisory and spot on the treatment method. Diet is a long journey, and it’s hard to trust the process... in my case, we searched for different opinions and we ended up with same method. So, trust the process and result will come.”   

Mother of teenage eating disorder patient, Sandton.




“I unfortunately have put back on what I lost with Tabitha but am considering returning as I need her positive help in getting back to losing weight. Tabitha assisted with recipes as well as eating plans . I still use some of the recipes now. She helped keep me motivated.”

Jane Bijsters.



“I most benefitted from her knowledge & shared information received from Tabitha, as well as her sense of humour!“

Female patient, Sandton.



“I was pre diabetic. Tabitha gave me sound dietary advice and made it easy to change my dietary lifestyle. Tabitha works with integrity.”  Male patient, JA, Sandton



“Tabitha has a lovely personality - she makes going to the dietician fun! “

Female Patient, Sandton.


“I would definitely recommend Tabitha for dietary problems, because of her pleasing, sympathetic manner and her nice legs. It would be helpful if Tabitha could have at least two places for consultation - say Sandton and Rosebank. But I know this adds to costs. Perhaps she could appear on TV offering cooking demos for healthy living. Or provide her recipes online  - most other low-GI stuff is rather tasteless.”

David Southey, Rosebank.



“You are what you eat....but we dont always know what we are eating. Tabitha educates us on what we are in fact eating. I most liked the practical solutions.” 

Geoff Liebenberg, Johannesburg.



“After my visit I noticed changes so much so that members of my family started commenting . Friends enquired to about it. I feel a whole lot better for it.”

Male patient, Sandton.



“I was fearing carbs (had been on the low carb band wagon). Tabitha’s clarity of explanations changed that and the recipes are fab!”

Female Patient, MM, Sandton.



“Tabitha is very motivated and bubbly. I didn't feel like I was on a diet, I didn't have to weigh anything, as she gave such valuable advise as to how to change eating habits and educated me as to how to read food labels. And, best of all, I was never judged, never measured, only weighed and always found her to be full of enthuisiam and encouragement in terms of motivation.  She is definitely the best dietician I've ever been to....extremely enjoyed my sessions with her! “

Cheri Kaye-Eddie, Fourways.



“I was very fearful of having to see a dietitian, more because of my own  demons I think, but Tabitha made the process very comfortable and easy and she really shows how much she wants you to succeed. The focus is not on your weight, it's on getting healthier, and you feel a partnership in getting there. I've really just started this journey, so I think it's a bit early for me to be any kind of inspiration, however I will say that taking the first step with the right support structure is so important, even if you are your own motivator - you have to live with you every day, and daily you get to decide how you want to live and what kind of future you want to have. I really liked Tabitha’s thorough nature, her abilty to look past the "weight" as the problem and see you as a whole person and to take all of you into account - your likes dislikes, etc, so you can create something sustainable.”

Female patient, Sandton.



“Tabitha's very positive, and knowledgeable.”

Female Patient, JW, Sandton.



“Tabitha’s proper scientific assessment resulted in diagnosis of insulin resistance which had never been offered as possible cause of weight gain.

I always felt encouraged after consultation. Thank you for your help.”

Female patient, BH, Sandton.



“Tabitha assisted me through a very tough phase of my life, dealing and understanding PCOS also working towards getting a baby. I got a better understanding of why and what I needed to eat to get my body to optimum health. I still apply some of Tabitha’s methods of cooking and recipes. She was easy to understand, approachable and very encouraging.”

Female patient, LM, Sandton.



“Low GI diet has definitely allowed me to eat healthier and watch what you consume. After being taught by Tabitha on how to read food labels has kept me conscious of my purchases. Preparation of meals has definitely  lead me to cooking more consciously without the fat and oils. Tabitha has always shown a personal interest during my visits and has always looked for interesting alternatives to what one eats. I like her saying that all meals must have a name (cottage Pie etc.) and don't just eat bland un-named foods.”

Dennis Preston.



“Tabitha listened! Was so comfortable chatting, showed sincere interest, gained so much information and the cup of tea was the best! There are so many facts and fads and wrong information thrown at us continuously, try this diet then that diet, I was getting so confused. Tabitha made it all clear and for the first time in my life, my eating is on the right track and I am feeling better. Oh, and one thing I did find out that was a myth.....Vitamin B does not make you eat!!!!!!”  

Female Patient, JHB.



“Tabitha focuses on my issues and helps me sort them out first. Tabitha is helping me overcome a fear of food. She focuses on my personal issues and gives helpful advice and guidance. I love Tabitha’s approach.”

Female Patient, CV, JHB.



“Very happy with your services  and menu plans Tabatha.  Adopting a healthy lifestyle for the family

Healthy body healthy mind using the recipes and assistance….sound advice.” 

Kim Rudolph-Furweger



“Before I started seeing Tabitha, I was extremely confused about what is right for my body. Banting was trending, but made me feel horrible, no sugar & no carbs was a challenge that everyone was going on about, I was eating only once a day because I felt guilty for eating 'too' much, having coffee for breakfast. I was emotionally eating (when I was eating), me and my mother's relationship was on the rocks because of constant weight discussions and comments, I had high cholesterol and my insulin count was 17.9. Food and diet was NOT a positive aspect of my life. Tabitha and the way she teaches you about your body has changed the way I see food and dieting. A "reward" for being good isn't bingeing on bad food once a week, rewards come from eating healthy for the week. Relationships can't only be based on one person’s decision of diet, Tabitha motivated me to open up to my mom about not commenting on my weight. I eat good, tasty food and I look forward to meals and cooking for friends and family, knowing it is nutritional for their bodies too. No one believes that I'm losing weight by eating 3 x 3 course meals a day and snacking on fruit in between. YES - I still have horrible emotional days where I can't stand to take care of myself because of guilt and self-disgust. BUT, my mind-set has changed so much, and I get back on the wagon with more confidence and motivation. My mind is healthier and my body is thanking me for it - this is the reward. Thank you Tabitha, I couldn't have come this far on my journey without your guidance and care. I most enjoyed feeling empowered after consultation. Talking to someone who truly gets it. Tabitha explains in ways I understand what is going on in my body and gives great and easy solutions for me to fix it / work on it.”

Female patient, Petervale.



“As a woman and a mother it is imperative to have a good healthy self image especially when raising daughters.

With the pressures children are under today (as well as adults) too much emphasis is placed on how you look and what is the "correct" way to look.

Yes! I absolutely agree that one must look the best you can and feel the best you can but this IS obtainable by a healthy balanced diet and exercise and a positive mind.

It is natural to eat.

My husband has a severe injury which limits the type of exercise he can do. He is exceptionally fussy with what he likes to eat and what he does not. He is extremely disciplined with his eating and used to be quite critical of my daughters and I eating. My eldest daughter is slim and loves to eat sweets and chocolates and fruit.

My younger daughter carries extra weight, is heavier set and loves loves to eat. She is overweight and it has affected her self esteem, her confidence and self image. It has caused arguments in our family and after consulting many dieticians I took her to Tabitha.

in my daughters own words "Tabitha is the BEST dietician I've ever seen"

My husband is anti carbs and he now has an understanding that we need carbs to fuel ourselves.

I have always believed in eating three healthy meals a day and fruit in between.

My challenge was to be able to cook the same meal for EVERYONE in the family and at the same time get my daughter to drop her weight.

Tabitha spoke to my husband, he no longer criticises our food portions, he does not criticise when we eat carbohydrates. He understands what is required to have a healthy balanced diet.

We enjoy a balanced diet of the old fashioned "rys, vleis and aartapples" . Our parents were not overweight. We as children were not overweight. Because we ATE. We have to eat. Eating is part of life.

I pack lunches for my children knowing that it is gong to sustain them and keep them full. I ensure that there IS that meal for them every 4 hours.

Our main meal as a family  is at dinner and my family has never eating so well and so much.

With all the clever tips from Tabitha we are still able to enjoy treats like ice cream and dessert. so that we as the parents and the children don't feel like we are missing out or depriving ourselves.

My daughter only lost 2 kgs but the impact it has had on her is priceless.

Tabitha will take you through what is acceptable and not acceptable in the food groups, she'll advise you what can be eaten together and what cannot, she gives you fantastic ideas and yummy recipes. most importantly, we all have our own "issues "with either eating, food, or our weight. Tabitha gets to understand "your" personal relationship with food, why, and how to manage it.

In closing, as a mom you HAVE to give the right message. It worries me when I hear and see moms saying they are on a diet and ate so much or feel fat and have put on weight..............what are you teaching your children? Give them the best start in life!

I most enjoyed personalised psychological counselling as to the relationship you have with food and why. Understanding what foods do, eg. fats coupled with High GI is not good, so that you can develop a sustainable healthy balanced diet. The trust built up with my daughter. Tabitha's positive outlook on life is great.”

Female patient, Broadacres.



“I most liked that I lost weight, like to talk to Tabitha, like her method. Eating healthy is not difficult if you follow Tabitha's advice. She gives a lot of yummi recipes.”

Adriana Prista-Johnson, Dainfern.



“I am currently seeing Tabitha for help with my eating disorder.  I find seeing Tabitha extremely helpful every week as it keeps me on track with everything. Her psychological advice and help with my eating and mentoring me with my Anorexia.”

Female patient, HM, Sandton.



“What I valued most from Tabitha’s consultations were:

Insightful information and holistic knowledge of the disease

Dietary advice and relevant info on all levels

Practical tips, recipes etc

Enthusiastic attitude and authenticity

Thank you!”

Mother of anorexic female patient, Sandton.


“I most liked that Tabitha was not fixated on what a person should weigh but at what weight a person feels happiest with their body (This is extremely important when dealing with teenagers). Good scientific explanation of how the body works so you can understand why you are doing certain things. Didn't put pressure to lose weight but gently nudged in right direction.

All I can remember is watching my daughter looking at herself in the mirror at a clothing store with horror and dissolving into tears. My heart went out to her as this is exactly how I felt 20 years ago. It is so hard to like your body when you are a teenager. There is so much pressure these days to look a certain way and unfortunately not all of us are tall and skinny. Emma didn't need to lose much weight but I decided that it would be a good idea to take her to a professional who could give her good advice on how to eat healthily as this would stand her in good stead for the rest of her life. I had heard that Tabitha was good with children so we made an appointment with her. From the first appointment Tabitha made us feel welcome and gently asked Emma pertinent questions and gave her some good ideas on how to swop some bad choices for good choices but still keeping things tasty. It was hard at first but Emma got involved in deciding what she wanted to eat and 10 months down the line Emma is much more aware of what she should eat and is feeling happy about her body”.

Linda Shamrock - mother to a 15 year old teenager)


“You can only feel good about yourself if you eat healthy, and if one eats the right foods, we often have a misconception that we eat too much when actually we eat far too little and just the wrong foods. Make food enjoyable and tasty. I would wake up every morning feeling lethargic and not able to keep focused due to a very bad diet and how little I ate. Since I met Tabitha I have become disciplined and she has made food more enjoyable for me.”

Female patient, JHB.



“What i learn from Tabitha i usually share with all my friends and family. For example there is a lady at my office i call her "the shaker lady". She is always walking around with a shake and the one day i asked her would you not prefer to eat health food rather than to live on a shake and to my surprise she said that a shake is easier to which i explained but so us preparing something health. She goes to gym for two hours everyday but still us looking to loose weight and there i was eating my Chic stir fry and all this nice food, no gym and voila i lost 6kg. Lesson eat health and be happy. What i benefitted from Tabitha is that i did not want to be on a diet but rather a health eating plan. I wanted to eat tasty food and thats what i got. I enjoy eating the food and it has also made me loose 6 kg so far which i was told i would never ne able to do. I am completely happy. I just want to thank Tabitha for being so amazing with me i know sometimes ai am a little bit difficult but you really helped me get through it all. A big thank you from me.”

Female patient, HG, JHB.



“Tabitha helped me to think differently not just about what I eat and when or why- but also how I prepare it. I still have my Beef Goulash, it just looks slightly different now- nobody should have bland, boring food and rightfully so- as Tabitha says Food should be FUN!”

Female patient, SO, JHB.



“The personal "touch" - not feeling like just a number but rather feeling like Tabitha actually cared about me. Female patient,”

TK, Sandton.



“Tabitha was extremely thorough and very down to earth in explaining and describing my condition and symptoms. She prescribed medication via  my G.P. which has reduced my sugar levels considerably, and put me on a very simple and easy diet which also reduced bloating and discomfort. Very impressive.”

Female patient, LR, Bryanston.


“I have tried almost every diet under the sun over the years, including the much-touted 'banting' or 'Tim Noakes' diet currently en vogue in South Africa, and the only diets I ever lost weight on, could keep on doing for months on end (instead of giving up after a day or a week) and felt good on was very low fat, high carb diets such as the X-diet provided by Tabitha. To be honest, a X-diet taken one step further - namely very low fat, high carb and VEGAN was even more successful (but socially difficult to follow). In the end, I have realised that set point weight and genetics count a lot (no weight loss has ever been completely sustained on even the best diet), but generally eating lower fat and higher carb (and mostly low GI) at least keep me from getting fatter and fatter every year, and provides me the energy I need to enjoy my life (lowest energy I ever had was after a month of banting (i.e. high fat, low carb) - at which point I gave up on the banting diet). I appreciated the the depth of the assessment provided by Tabitha, the detailed information and the encouraging message.

Female patient, online consultations.


“The main problem with weight loss, you as person think wow now I am never going to be able to eat snacks or cake. With Tabitha's advice all off this is put in to perspective, you don’t need to starve yourself, getting the correct help will help you. I think overall every overweight person should get the right mind set, and realise this is what I have done to myself, there is no one to be blamed, there are no excuses, there are many healthy eating habits, that are available. Overwieght persons needs someone to feel sorry for them but this is not the correct way, also you must rid yourself from enablers, these are people who are not willing to say no to you. Get your mind set right and just go for gold. Its a long road to self-discovery but once you have realised you have the problem and only you can solve it, with help from Tabitha then only can you live free and happy. Personal talks were great over the phone. “

Female patient, AJ, Richards Bay.



“I have always been motivated to be healthy, I began this journey when I was young and very into sports. I now have my degree in human kinetics and ergonomics and work as a personal trainer at Rhodes university. I was once inspired by Tabitha and have continued to dedicate my life to being healthy.

Matthew Hanley.



“When I visited her the first time, my sugar levels were very high and I was on the cusp of being a pre-diabetic. I followed her diet religiously and saw results within the first few months. Not only did my sugar level drop but I felt healthier and more energised.

I am still on the diet that Tabitha recommended. I no longer see it as a diet but my lifestyle. I have become very food conscious as a result and I am extremely happy with the advice provided and tree results that I obtained. The knowledge and explanation on the foods I was consuming and it's effects were very valuable. I did like that she was thorough in her assessment.”

Male patient, JHB.



“I valued Tabitha’s interest in my concerns. She spent a lot of time with me trying to understand what was causing my problems and dealt with me holistically mind body and soul.”

Glynnis Styles, Sandton.



“She was very knowledgeable, very encouraging.”

Female patient, Sandton.



“On seeing Tabitha, I found out I was pre diabetic, that I didn’t eat enough and that I could still eat carbohydrates, as long as it was the right ones, I feel so much better, my arthritis is so much better, and I apparently look well for the first time in years. thank you.” 

Fiona Brown.



“What I valued the most was the time taken to explain what is happening in the body rather than just giving the solution.

Kurt Tyack.

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