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Adult ADD Questionnaire

All too often someone with an ‘all-or-nothing’ behaviour with eating, or those with binge-eating tendencies, have undiagnosed Adult ADD. As strange as it sounds, it is very often something that sufferers believe they should have ‘grown out of’, or that ADD only applies to those children who run around and do badly at school. This most CERTAINLY not the case. And more and more we are seeing adults struggling quietly under a MASSIVE need to self-medicate with strong-flavoured foods, the need to nibble on food in order to be able to calm down enough to concentrate and fell completely out of control when presented with quick-release and very sweet or salty foods. This could point towards the brain trying to self-medicate an increase in dopamine that is lacking under the ‘social bravado’ that many people use to hide these struggles. Sound like it could be you? Answer these questions and then perhaps discuss it openly with your GP/specialist. This questionnaire is NOT diagnostic in any way. It is merely an indication to see if further investigation is required.

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