Do we REALLY need to Detox?

The main aim of a ‘Detox diet’ is to try to boost the body’s natural functions, to accelerate the elimination of all by-products or poisons that have accumulated in the body.

In the old days, it used to be fashionable for detox diets to reduce all calories substantially, and only eat salads, fruits, vegetables and juices. We now know that this contains too few calories for the body to work well on, and so it compensates by

  1. slowing down its metabolism – the body has insufficient available energy from just fruits, veg and juices, and so will start to autocannibalise fat BUT MOSTLY protein stores from the muscles; not a good plan when we are aiming to INCREASE muscle mass for a good metabolism and
  2. the liver actually becomes fattier than normal, not detoxed! This is because all the fat and, mostly protein, has to travel through the poor liver in order to be converted to glucose to keep the body alive! The result is often what is known as Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver, because it resembles that of an alcoholic (not very ‘clean’ sounding is it?!)


As a result, we no longer advise detox diets that are very restrictive like this; but rather diets that deliver maximum nutrients to support metabolism, whilst ‘revving’ the body to its maximum to eliminate ‘toxins’ via all natural physical elimination processes (defecating, urinating, sweating, breathing etc). This diet will get your body back into tip-top shape after over-indulging on foods that slow you down, whilst giving all the energy and vibrancy to perform at your best.

This diet is extremely high in many different fibre types, and so may cause a fair amount of wind. Although perhaps embarrassing (!), this is not dangerous, and will pass once ‘normal’ eating has resumed. This regime is not suitable for someone suffering from a spastic colon, as it will lead to further wind, cramping and discomfort in these individuals.

One way to aid in this detox would be to load with a probiotic (I suggest Reuterina Acute or Gastrochoice Probiotic)…. Take 2 tablets TWICE daily for 3 days to load the correct probiotics. Just taking 1/day from the start won’t be as effective in establishing a full colony.


Although this is a detox diet, it is possible to eat this way on a daily basis, thus keeping the body at its optimum at all times! And the body gets used to the huge fibre and wind will gradually not be a problem any more!

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