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Exercise in Winter by Andries Lodder

The benefits of exercise go without saying, increased fitness, stamina and weight loss, but the advantages of frequent exercise go much deeper, especially during these winter months.Let’s be honest, leaving the house in winter is difficult, let alone exercising, its cold and dull and everything you do during these months just seems like an effort, exercise might just be the “get up and go” medicine everyone’s been looking for.

Getting Cold? Eat more carbs

We all have different metabolic rates, but have you noticed how some people seem to remain warmer, whilst others are perpetually cold?
The answer could lie in many problems, such as thyroid problems, ageing, hormones and medications. However, one of the quickest ways to warm up is to eat more carbohydrates!

Why do you comfort eat?

The hunger urge is extremely powerful. If we deny ourselves the satisfaction of the need for food, this need becomes an addiction.
We all have a fair perception about drug addiction. It is an insatiable need for a substance that produces powerfully pleasurable effects, so powerful that when the effect wears off, the user must have another fix.