Inspiration Ambassador Karabao Moroko

FAT to FIT Karabo Moroka

tells us about her fat loss journey so far…

Karabo’s Story…

“I have always loved exercising going to gym and mostly enjoyed aerobics. Despite being active my biggest challenge was my weight, not losing as much as I expected based on the amount of time I spent exercising and trying out so many diets to lose it. Few years ago my Dr informed me that I am insulin resistant which was the main reason I had challenges losing weight. I then started cutting down on carbs but continued to eat meat, dairy products thinking that this would help. Pheew! the struggle continued and I started getting frustrated not knowing what else to do.


About 3yrs ago, I had a problem with my ear and visited ENT (Dr Nyoka) who after examining me, we had a general chat about health, food etc. He said something that really made me to think deeper into how I want to enjoy life and the starting point for me was to make few changes and that point was to really look closely at my eating habits. He mentioned that if  I have ever considered seeing a dietician and I said yes but they are too expensive.


Even after this conversation I didn’t make an effort to see a dietician as advised, until after some time, I decided to contact Tabitha Hume, referral I got from Dr Nyoka because I realised I was sick and tired of complaining about my weight and not liking the way I looked.


“My Aha! Moment was when he said, think about this:

Is it not better to see a dietician now and pay for learning how to improve your health than to spend money on medication at a later stage. This was because if Insulin is not managed properly it develops into diabetes and the fortunate part is, it is reversible by good diet and exercise whereas diabetes is not reversible which will result in taking medication forever.


I began my new journey when I had my first appointment with Tabitha. I went there saying to myself, if and only if this doesn’t work I give up. I am proud to say I couldn’t have made a better decision of my life. Tabitha literally schooled me about food huh, Yeh!!! Food. I felt like I was in a classroom because she took me on a journey teaching me about food. Which I immensely appreciate.


A few days later I came across this, someone posted on Instagram:


“One way to kill your confidence is to break the promises you make to yourself- even with the little things. If you tell yourself you are waking up at 6am then wake at 6am. You will begin to trust yourself, that you will do what you say. Be accountable to yourself, you deserve it”.

   So far since seeing Tabitha, after 6 weeks, I have lost 3.9kg and gradually gaining my confidence back because I have decided to keep the promises I make for myself…making best food choices, preparing them correctly and portion control. I am more energetic and loving it.


Now I can slowly envision myself confidently wearing a bikini which has always been my biggest dream somewhere in the Seychelles beaches. To the point I made above, because now I am taking accountability, I DESERVE IT!… #bikinibodyloading


After my first consultation with Tabitha, I was thinking if this is not going to help, I give up but I was excited wanting to make the change and more than anything prove to myself that I can do it.”

“I am pleasantly surprised because I still eat, actually I eat more than before and it is amazing that I still lose weight purely because of the best food choices I make.”

“Before Tabitha, I used to think not eating carbs will help because I started eating more protein but guess what it was still the wrong choices because of the fat content e.g  eggs, bacon, dairy products etc”

“This was the best decision ever. I feel light and have very quick and easy way of preparing my food. I always get excited to try out new recipes that Tabitha shared with me. I even realised that I have been buying things that I don’t need which  are detrimental to my health and contributed to my resistance to weight loss , i.e. oil, margarine, bread etc.”



“Thank you for helping me with my journey so far😊😊 as it continues…

You inspire me more! I am so grateful” Karabo

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