Is the phrase, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” just hogwash?

Mmmmm not really…

You see, apples are rather an amazing fruit.

  1. Research shows a massive reduction in risk for lifestyle diseases the more we increase fruits and vegetables. So, this is an obvious one. So, physicians, step back!
  2. Apples are a powerhouse of fibre. They contain both insoluble fibre (in the skin) AND soluble fibre (in the flesh). Insoluble fibre is important in digestion, by preventing constipation. It also ferments to provide a special fatty acid essential for normal functioning of the cells lining the colon. This prevents colon cancer. So, proctologists, step back!

The soluble fibre component has been shown to significantly slow down the release of glucose from carbohydrates into the blood stream. This reduces the GI of most carbohydrates and keeps us satisfied for longer. Step back, diabetologists!

  1. The soluble fibre in apples has also been shown to increase bile emptying from the liver. This indirectly reduces the fatty deposits in the liver and lowers cholesterol. Step back, cardiologists!
  2. Apples contain polyphenols; powerful antioxidant compounds that literally quench free radicals which would otherwise stimulate cancer cells. Step back, oncologists!
  3. They are very low in calories, and so are great additions to meals, as a lovely ‘sweet end’ to a lunch or supper. They are very filling, keep you full for longer and are super-healthy conduit of flavour. They have only 0.2g of fat per apple. They contain 0g cholesterol. Only 52 Cal per 100g (compare this to a whopping 325 Cal per 100g in biltong). And, contrary to popular misinformation, they are NOT high in sugar! In fact, more than half of the available carbohydrates in apples are fructose. This happens to be a tricky sugar for your body to use, and it needs to travel through the liver to convert to glucose so that the body can use it. This takes a long time. And so, this is why dietitians include apples freely in diets for diabetics and insulin resistant patients alike. Step back bariatric surgeons!
  4. Apples contain plenty of vitamin C – in fact nearly 10% of total vitamin C daily needs per average apple! Vitamin C keeps the immune system strong, is a good anti oxidant and fights ageing. Step back, GP’s!
  5. Lastly, their cost is low, they keep for a while and are incredibly mobile….keep a bag in the car each week…you’ll be amazed at how often you feel like it!


Grab an apple. It’s trendy, healthy, gets rid of garlic breath and does you the world of good!

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