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What NOT to Eat in Anxiety and Depression


In praise of the Apple

Is the phrase, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” just hogwash?

Mmmmm not really…

You see, apples are rather an amazing fruit.

Research shows a massive reduction in risk for lifestyle diseases the more we increase fruits and vegetables. So, this is an obvious one. So, physicians, step back!


The lowdown on sweetener

A little bit of sugar on various things in the diet is not only acceptable, it makes food taste lovely.
And it’s not bad for you. If it stays at a little bit.
The problems start when we overdo it. To give you an example of this excess would be that many people in the world wake to tea with 4 tsp sugar, whilst eating 2 pink sticky buns…


No Such thing as “Superfoods”

When I was little, I remember being given a little red, shiny tablet every morning after breakfast. “To make you strong and energetic” was the reason for the ritualistic dispensing of the iron supplement.
I still remember the complete delight as I felt the strength and energy welling up inside me as